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Welcome to St. Mark's Care Centre

St Mark's Care Centre is a modern, purpose built, 62 bed Care Centre located in Sale, Greater Manchester.

St Mark's Care Centre offers a service to individuals that present with complex and challenging behaviours who are difficult to engage in the rehabilitation/recovery process or to maintain their current level of functioning for as long as possible due to their symptoms of Mental Illness, Dementia or Acquired Brain Injury. The service provided assists Clinical commissioning Groups and Social Services Departments to meet the identified needs of Adults with Mental Illness, Acquired Brain Injury or Dementia as indicated in their Joint Strategic Needs Assessments, Commissioning Strategic Plans, Health and Well being Strategies ensuring that the goals and standards set by the Department of Health for closing the gap and ensuring that people with Mental Health Problems admitted to the service are provided with person centered care that supports recovery and/or maintenance for the individual.

The Nominated Individual for St Mark’s Care Centre is Charlotte Jones. Charlotte Jones is also the Nominated Individual for St George's Care Centre.

St Mark's Care Centre is registered with the CQC to provide: -

  • Accommodation for persons who require nursing or personal care
  • Treatment of disease, disorder or injury

St. Mark's Care Centre is owned by Dr Joseph Maximous & Mrs Isis Maximous.

If you would like any further information about St Mark's and the services we provide then please contact us using the details below or fill out our contact form.

The Walkden Suite provides services for individulas with an Acquired Brain Injury and is currently full.

The Walton Suite, Woodheys Suite and Worthington Suite provide services to individuals with a diagnosis of Dementia, The Walton and Woodheys Suites are currently full but we are currently admitting residents to the Worthington Suite.

The Ashoton Suite is due to open soon and will provide a service to individulas from the age of 18 years upwards and a diagnosis of Mental Illness.

St Mark's provides nursing care for a wide range of service users and specialises in a number of fields. The 62 beds are split into five smaller clinical areas as shown below.

Clinical Area Name

Walkden Suite -          

Walton Suite -           

Woodheys Suite -      

Worthington Suite -          

Ashton Suite

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Opening Soon

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St Marks Activity Programme

September 2017

Friday 1st September Arts and Crafts 
Monday 4th September Singalong and Musical Instruments.
Tuesday 5th September Pamper Day
Hairdresser Visit in the Afternoon
Wednesday 6th September Garden Games
Tasty Wednesday - menu tasting.
Thursday 7th SeptemberMusical Memories
Friday 8th September Film Friday
Monday 11th September Gardening
Bird Spotting
Tuesday 12th September Table top games. 
Hairdresser Visit in the Afternoon
Wednesday 13th SeptemberSingalong and Musical Instruments.
Tasty Wednesday- menu tasting
Thursday 14th September Garden Games
Friday 15th September Film Friday
Monday 18th September Our Favourite Songs and Poems
Tuesday 19th September Arts and Crafts,
Wednesday 20th September Outdoor Games 
Thursday 21st September Indoor Games
Friday 22nd September Film Friday
Monday 25th September Baking & Afternoon Tea
Tuesday 26th September Model Making
Hairdresser Visit (Afternoon)
Wednesday 27th September Singalong and Musical Instruments.
Thursday 28th September Indoor Games.
Friday 29th September Film Friday


Tuesday 1st August Arts and Crafts Decorations for the  BBQ
Wednesday 2nd August Tasty Wednesday - Menu Tasting Session
Thursday 3rd August Table Top Games
Friday 4th August Film Friday
Monday 7th August Music Session - Singalong with Instruments.
Tuesday 8th August Gardening and Hairdresser Visit (afternoon)
Wednesday 9th August Summer Garden Tea Party.
Tasty Wednesday - Menu Tasting Session
Thursday 10th August Pamper Day.
Friday 11th August Film Friday
Monday 14th August Baking Activities
Tuesday 15th August VJ Day Celebrations on Walton. Everybody Welcome (afternoon)
Wednesday 16th August Music Session - Singalong with Instruments.
Tasty Wednesday -
Menu Tasting Session
Thursday 17th August Outdoor Games
Friday 18th August Balloon Activities
Film Friday
Monday 21st August Baking Session - Cake Decorating
Tuesday 22nd August  Garden Bowls and Hairdresser Visit (afternoon)
Wednesday 23rd August Music and refreshments in the Garden.
Tasty Wednesday -
Menu Tasting Session
Thursday 24th August Musical Memories - Songs of the 60's. 
Friday 25th August Indoor Games.
Monday 28th August Bank Holiday Garden Party.
Tuesday 29th August Arts and Crafts in the Garden
Wednesday 30th August Music Session - Singalong with Instruments.
Tasty Wednesday -
Menu Tasting Session
Thursday 31st August Poetry Day

July 2017

Monday 3rd July Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Begins!
 Arts and Crafts
Decoration making for Summer BBQ
Tuesday 4th July Singalong and Musical Instruments
Wednesday 5th July Music, dancing and refreshments in the garden
Thursday 6th July Table top games 
Friday 7th July Tasty Friday Menu Tasting Session
Saturday 8th July SUMMER BBQ FROM 11.30am (EVERYBODY WELCOME!)
Monday 10th July St Marks Wimbledon Tournament (Table tennis in the garden)
Tuesday 11th July Gardening and Outdoor Games
Hairdresser Visit in the Afternoon
Wednesday 12th July Singalong and Musical Instruments
Thursday 13th July Arts and Craft 
Friday 14th July Tasty Friday Menu Tasting Session
Monday 17th July Singalong and Musical Instruments
Tuesday 18th July Animal Literature - Stories, Poems and Songs
Wednesday 19th July Let’s make Bread (Iced buns)
Thursday 20th July Outdoor Games 
Friday 21st July Tasty Friday Food Tasting Session
Monday 24th  July Arts and Crafts 
Tuesday 25th July Gardening and  Hairdresser Visit (Afternoon)
Wednesday 26th July Music and refreshments in the garden
Thursday 27th July Table top games
Friday 28th July Indoor Games & Film afternoon
Monday 31st July Treasure Hunt 

June 2017

 1st June Arts and Crafts 
2nd June Film afternoon
5th June Games and ice creams in the garden
6th June Let’s make pizza!
7th June Singalong and play an instrument.
 8th June Table top games &  Music of the 60s
9th June Balloon throwing Film afternoon
12th June Musical memories Karaoke and refreshments in the garden
13th June Gardening and Hairdresser Visit (afternoon)
14th June Singalong and play an instrument
15th June Arts and Crafts 
16th June Tasty Friday (Food tasting, new ideas for the menu from our Chef)
19th June British Flower week Let’s make Flowers! Flower arranging
 20th June  Stories, Poems and Songs about Flowers in the Garden
21st June  Summer Solstice Tea Party (prize for the craziest hat) (INCLUDING CAKE SALE )
 22nd June Let’s paint a flower picture!
23rdJune Film afternoon
 26th June Arts and Crafts (make a peg doll)
27th June Gardening and Hairdresser Visit (afternoon)
28th June Music and refreshments in the garden
29th June Table top games.
30th June Physical Activity - Balloon throwing  & Film afternoon

1:1 and Group Activities will take place on all of the Suites

May 2017

1st May Spring Arts and Crafts 
2nd May Gardening and Hairdresser Visit
3rd May Garden Karaoke
4th May Table Top Games
5th May Film Afternoon
8th May Sound of the 60's (Singalong)
9th May Arts and Crafts 
10th May Musical memories
11th May Tasty Thursday (Food Tasting )
12th May Film afternoon
15th May Garden Tea party 
16th May Dominoes and Hairdresser Visit
17th May Cake Decoration & Afternoon tea in the Garden
18th May Indoor Games
19th May Film afternoon
22nd May Singalong
23rd May Garden Bingo & Bowls
24th May Outdoor Games 
25th May Arts and Crafts 
26th May Film afternoon
29th May Music and refreshments in the garden 
30th May Singalong and Hairdresser Visit
31st May Bird Watching

April 2017 

3rd April Easter Cards Making - Arts & Crafts
4th April Gardening and Hairdresser Visit
5th April Singalong
6th April Easter BaskeCake decoration
7th April Film afternoon
10th April Iced Buns Baking
11th April Egg shell Mosaic - Easter Crafts
12th April Singalong in the Garden!
13th April Easter Bonnet Making
14th April Film afternoon
17th April Easter Monday Tea Dance 
18th April St Marks Olympic Games and Hairdresser Visit
19th April Arts Competition
20th April Table top games.
21st April Stimulate Your Senses - Fruity Friday (fruit tasting)
24th April Singalong
25th April Bingo/Bowling
26th April Let’s Go Back in Time!
27th April Spring Arts & Crafts 
28th April Poems, Rhymes and Short Stories

MARCH 2017 

1st March St David’s Day Celebrations
2nd March Cake Decoration
3rd March Film afternoon
6th March Singalong
7th March Pamper Day and Hairdresser Visit
8th March Bread making (Hot cross buns)
9th March Arts and Crafts
10th March Film afternoon
13th March Let’s Grow Something!
14th March Sewing Circle
15th March Singalong
16th March TableTop Games
17th March St Patricks Day Activities
20th March Arts and Crafts Spring flowers
21st March Pamper Day and Hairdresser Visit
22nd March Singalong
23rd March Cake decoration
24th March Film afternoon
27th March Let’s go back in time!
28th March Singalong
29th March Indoor/Outdoor games 
30th March Cake Decoration
31st March Film afternoon


1st February Salt Dough Arts and Crafts 
2nd February Cake Decoration
3rd February Film Afternoon
6th February Bread Making
7th February Pamper Day  and Hairdresser Visit
8th February Singalong
9th February Arts and Crafts
10th February Film afternoon
13th February Let’s Grow Something!
14th February Valentines Arts and Crafts 
15th February Indoor Games (Dominoes, Darts,  Ball Games)
16th February Table Top games/activities ( Jigsaws, Draughts, Art).
17th February Film Afternoon
20th February Arts and Crafts
21st February Pamper Day and Hairdresser Visit
22nd February Singalong
23rd February Cake Decoration
24th February Film afternoon
27th February Reminiscence Activities - Let’s go back in time!
28th February Singalong

 1:1 and Group Activities will take place on all of the Suites


Activity Programme

December 2016 

5th December Christmas Wreath Making
6th December Christmas Arts & Crafts
Hairdresser (afternoon)
7th December Christmas Carols with St Mary’s Church followed by afternoon tea and mince pies
8th December Christmas Card Making
9th December 1:1 Sessions with the Activity Worker
12th December Christmas Bingo
13th December Christmas Arts and Crafts
Hairdresser (afternoon)
14th December Table Decorations
15th December Christmas Party
16th December Christmas Jumper Day
19th December Singalong Christmas Carols
20th December  Arts & Crafts Sessions
Hairdresser (afternoon)
21st December Winter Sensory Session
22nd December Christmas Cookery Groups
23rd December Christmas Afternoon Tea
28th December Sweet Making & Baking Group
29th December 

Poetry & Reading Groups
30th December
Social Activities/Games

St Mark's Care Centre

St Mark's Care Centre
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Telephone: 0161 962 2032
Fax No: 0161 976 2204
Email: Reception at St Mark's Care Centre

Head Office

Northgate Lane

Telephone: 0161 925 3333
Email: marantomark@stgeorgescarecentre.co.uk