Aims & Objectives

Marantomark Limited is committed to providing and maintaining the highest standards of care through the packages of care and skills programmes offered to service users along with the investment, through continuous training of its employees.

Our services offer a supportive, homely and encouraging environment that allows effective care and rehabilitation to take place at the service users’ own pace. The service users’ needs, benefits and choices are identified and acknowledged through assessment, care planning and other activities within our Care Centre’s providing the right care for individuals receiving a service from us.

Our main aim at Marantomark Limited is to provide high quality care, treatment and management of service users, who present with complex care and mental health needs.

We believe in collaborative partnership working, to ensure the delivery of quality care by focusing on the assessment of the individuals needs, risk assessment/management and care planning. Service user participation is proactively promoted in all aspects of our Care Centre’s management and care delivery. We provide a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere and incorporate this approach into our daily routines within the Care Centre’s. Our aim is to reduce isolation, social withdrawal and boredom by promoting active involvement in a full range of comprehensive packages of care.

Our members of staff provide constant support and have the ability to deal promptly with some of the practical difficulties our service users may face. Our Care Centre’s and service delivery is based on quality care of the highest standard and setting the standards for other services.

Our Care Centre’s create chances and choices, focusing on the individual strengths and weaknesses of each service user. We aim to empower and proactively encourage our service users to take control of their lives through the support and individualised person centred care programmes offered.