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COVID-19 update


The following is Marantomark's Policy for Lateral Flow Testing and Visiting in COVID -19 Pandemic

Visiting is a central part of care home life. It is crucially important for maintaining health and wellbeing and quality of life for residents. Visiting is also vital for family and friends to maintain contact and life-long relationships with their loved ones and contribute to their support and care (often as essential carers). To support meaningful visiting, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is rolling out new rapid tests to care homes to test visitors. This will enable care homes to offer regular testing of visitors, to support more meaningful visits with loved ones.

While testing visitors can reduce the risk associated with visiting, it does not completely remove the risk of infection. When used alongside robust infection prevention and control (IPC) measures such as personal protective equipment (PPE), it can support care homes to safely maintain a balance between infection control and the vital benefits of visiting to the health and wellbeing of residents.

Friends and relatives have a very important role and responsibility to help care homes keep their loved ones safe.


Preparation for the visit

To keep the resident and the care home safe, we ask that the home follow the below guidelines:

  • Ask the visitor to stay home if you’re feeling unwell, including if they have a fever, a cough or a change in sense of taste and smell
  • follow national guidance outside of the visit, including limiting contact with other people and wearing a face covering in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult, and where the visitor will come into contact with people that they do not normally meet
  • observe social distancing with anyone outside of the visitor’s household or bubble.
  • For the visitor to obtain a PCR test 72 hours prior to the visit, the result must be shown to the home on the day of the visit. If the test has not been done or there is a positive result the visit will be declined and re arranged.
  • The staff conducting the testing must have completed the online training in order to participate in the testing. Under NO circumstances must the testing be done by an untrained staff member.
  • The visitor must sign the consent forms that are required, if the visitor refused to sign the form the visit must NOT take place.
  • All of the tests and the relevant documentation must be available for the visit, there must be NO retrospective completion of forms.

On the day of the visit

We will be asking that the visitor take a test using a new technology called a lateral flow device (LFD) test. The visitor will be tested before visiting their relative to check if COVID-19 can be detected. Lateral flow testing is not a fool proof solution: it should be taken in addition to PPE and other IPC measures and must not be seen as a way of relaxing their use.

For this, the home will ask that the visitor do a throat and nose swab every time there is a visit, and then will let the visitor know their result in 30 minutes. The home will ask the visitor to complete their own swabbing, supervised by a trained staff member. A swab is a small piece of soft, absorbent material on a plastic stick that is used to take a sample from the nose and throat.

The test is very straight forward and the visitor will be supported throughout the process by a trained member of staff from the care home.

Key steps during the test

When the visitor first enters the care home

  1. a staff member will provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and support the visitor with putting it on. This will include gloves, mask and apron.
  2. The visitor will be asked to sign a consent form that states that they agree to taking the test and sharing the result. The home may also ask that it is consented that there is a sharing of personal details including date of birth, ethnicity, and contact details to support the visitor with registering their test result. Registering the test result is important because it links to the individual test kit
  3. a staff member will check the visitor in for their visit
  4. a staff member will provide 4 copies of the test kit barcode. One copy is for a staff member to put on your lateral flow device, and the others are copies. These barcodes will track the individual test to the visitor. Make sure you ask the visitor to keep these copies with them throughout the rest of the testing process

Taking the test

  • after the visitor checks in for the test, a member of staff will direct the visitor to move to the testing area
  • The visitor will hand one copy of the barcode to the member of staff supporting the testing process
  • a member of staff will hand the visitor a packaged swab
  • the visitor will then need to take their own throat and nose swab, supervised by a member of staff. They will walk the visitor through how to swab themselves which will only take about 30 seconds to do.
  • once the visitor has handed over the swab, they will be asked to wait in a designated area until the result is ready. This will take approximately 30 minutes.

Receiving the test result

  • after 30 minutes, a staff member will tell the visitor their result
  • once the test result has been received, the visitor will need to register the test kit online with their own mobile device or a device provided to the visitor, if the visitor does not have a mobile. If the visitor is not able to register their own result, a member of staff can help but they’ll need to take down the visitors’ personal details


Understanding the test result


Care home staff will help the visitor to process their test and give the visitor their result within 30 minutes. This result will also be reported to the wider NHS Test and Trace program.

The result will affect whether the visitor can complete their visit in the following ways:

  • positive – the visitor will not be able to visit. The visitor will have to take a second test, which is a confirmatory polymerise chain reaction (PCR) test that the home will provide for the visitor. The visitor will have to take the test and register it on site, then go home immediately and self-isolate until they receive their result. NHS Test and Trace will text, email, or call you with the visitor result in around 72 hours. If the visitor test positive, NHS Test and Trace may contact them to ask you for their close contacts
  • invalid – the home will ask that the visitor will take another LFD test. If the retest comes back as invalid, the home will recommend that the visitor will not complete their visit unless both the visitor and the home are in Tier 1, and other IPC measures, including social distancing and PPE, are followed
  • negative – the visit will be able to go ahead, as long as the visitor comply with all other IPC measures. It is possible that the visitor may still have COVID-19, so the home will need to make sure that the visitor wear PPE at all times and ensure that the visit takes place in a safe way. It is important to recognise that a negative test will provide us with some assurance that the visitors are not carrying the virus. However, the test is not a complete guarantee.
  • Inside the care home, wear a face covering and any other PPE that the visitor was asked to wear by a member of staff. Please continue to follow their visiting policy.



What you can do during your visit

Holding hands and personal contact are allowed if you have a negative test result and PPE, but visitors should minimise contact as much as possible to reduce the risk of transmission. Bringing food for the resident is also allowed.

During your visit, please make sure:

  • you keep your PPE on at all times
  • you only go to the part of the care home that is permitted for your visit
  • you follow carefully any guidance and instructions provided by care home staff

Instructions for putting on PPE

1.    Perform hand hygiene using soap and water or alcohol hand gel.

2.    Put on a plastic apron, making sure it is tied securely at the back.

3.    Put on a surgical face mask, positioning upper straps on the crown of your head, lower strap at nape of neck. With both hands, mould the metal strap over the bridge of your nose.

4.    Put on plastic gloves.

5.    You are now ready to enter the care home testing area.

Instructions for removing PPE safely

1.    Remove gloves; grasp the outside of the cuff of the first glove and peel off, holding the glove in the gloved hand, insert the finger underneath and peel off second glove.

2.    Snap or unfasten apron ties the neck and allow to fall forward. Snap waste ties and fold apron in on itself, not handling the outside as it is contaminated, and put into clinical waste.

3.    Remove surgical mask carefully, and put into clinical waste.

4.    Perform hand hygiene using soap and water or alcohol hand gel or rub.

How to register your test kit

Once your result is determined, your test kit needs to be registered online using a self-test registration form. You can complete this form using your own mobile phone or a mobile device provided by the home. Once the form is complete, you will follow the appropriate guidance based on your result as set out above.

If you cannot complete this form yourself, a member of staff can complete it for you. They will ask you to provide some personal details required in the form.

Please make sure that if you are completing this form yourself that you complete it immediately after testing (no later than one day).

Details needed for the online registration form

·         full name

·         date of birth

·         gender

·         ethnic group

·         home address

·         contact details (including mobile number and email address)

·         the barcode number of your test kit

·         date and time of your test

·         test result

Self-swabbing instructions

When you check in for your visit, you will receive 4 copies of a unique barcode. Hand one copy to the tester before you take your swab sample so they can track the test device to you.

You may remove your face covering to self-swab

1.    Using the mirror to help, look inside your mouth, and find your tonsils at the back of the throat. Your tonsils or where they would be (if they had not been removed) are where you will swab your sample.

2.    Gently blow your nose into a tissue. Throw the used tissue into the clinical waste bin provided. This is so that you get rid of excess mucus.

3.    Use hand sanitiser to clean your hands. This is so that you do not contaminate the test kit.

4.    A member of staff will hand you a packaged swab. Identify the soft, fabric tip of the swab.

5.    Peel open the package from the handle-side of the swab and gently take it out. This will be used for both the throat and nose. Do not touch the soft tip of the swab.

6.    Holding the swab in your hand, open your mouth wide and rub the fabric tip of the swab over both tonsils (or where they would have been) at the back of the throat with good contact at least 3 times (use a mirror to help you do this). Carefully remove the swab stick from the back of your throat.

7.    Put the same end of the same swab gently into one nostril until you feel a slight resistance (about 2.5cm or 1 inch up your nose). Roll the swab 5 times along the inside of the nostril.

8.    After collecting the sample hold the swab up right in your hand, do not put it down, and notify a staff member. Be careful not to touch any surfaces with the swab.

9.    You are ready to hand back your swab. Please notify a member of staff and use hand sanitiser after handing in you sample.

Do not touch your tongue, teeth, cheeks, gums, or any other surfaces with the fabric tip of the swab. The swab is invalid if it touches these parts, and you will need to get a new swab. If this happens, ask a member of staff to get assistance.

Should you wish to discuss any of this please email me ianforshaw@stgeorgescarecentre.co.uk

Kind regards

Ian Forshaw Operations Manager / Nominated Individual.

Welcome to St. Mary's Care Centre

St Mary's Care Centre is a purpose built, 63 bed Care Centre located in the residential area of Collins Green, Burtonwood in Warrington, and has been open since August 2005. It is approximately seven miles away from Warrington town centre and within easy reach of St Helens, Halton, Leigh and Wigan. The Centre is situated close to local shops, local amenities and has good access to local transport routes.

Mrs Deborah Wareing is the Registered Manager of the Care Centre, Deborah is supported by a committed team of qualified nurses and health professionals who provide the care to all service users on the units 24 hours a day. Each unit has a team of carers and members of staff that work as part of the multi-disciplinary team alongside the nursing staff to meet the assessed needs of each individual and provide the highest possible standards of care to the service users at St Mary’s Care Centre. All carers are encouraged to undertake qualifications related to their role developing the skills, knowledge and experience required to provide high quality care.

St Mary’s are proud to offer an open door visiting policy where prospective service users, their families and representatives are welcome to visit at any time (with or without an appointment) to view the facilities and discuss issues relating to care with the members of staff present.

If you would like any further information about St Mary's and the services we provide then please contact us using the details below or fill out our contact form.

The Nominated Individual for St Mary’s Care Centre is Ian Forshaw.

St Mary’s provides nursing care for a wide range of service users and specialises in a number of fields. The 63 beds are split into four smaller units as shown below: -

Unit Name Type of Care No. of beds
Stephenson Unit Acquired Brain Injury 11
Fern Unit Early Onset Dementia / Huntington's Disease 21
Rose Unit Enduring Mental Health 11
Forshaw Unit Older Peoples Dementia 20

St Mary's Care Centre was awarded a food hygiene rating of 5 on Tuesday 13th August 2019. Well done to our kitchen staff!

St.Mary's is on Facebook:


We had an environmental health inspection on Tuesday 21st June 2016. 

The Care Centre scored 5 stars, and there were no recommendations for improvement.

Comments from friends & relatives:

Review submitted on 19 March 2019 from a Postal Card by Lynn M (Sister of Resident). Relates to March 2019.

My brother moved to St Mary's in December 2018. I have got nothing but praise for the services he receives, very homely environment, very caring carers and staff. Having been a carer myself for 15 years this is a lovely environment. I have already recommended it for a friend whose mother is in a care environment.

Review submitted on 15 January 2019 from a Postal Card by Jo B (Daughter of Resident). Relates to September 2018.

Both my parents were moved to St Mary's Continuing Care in September 2018. I have felt overwhelmed with the attention, kindness and care that they have received.
I have visited several care homes in the past and none can ever compare to St Mary's. The staff work so well as a team. They really complement each other. They have been so very understanding and supportive to me and my family and I feel blessed that my parents found a place here as they are truly looked after.

Review submitted on 1 January 2019 from a Postal Card by Michael D (Brother of Resident). Relates to December 2018.

My brother has been in St Mary's for a number of years. Although his physical condition has become very poor the level of care and attention shown to him is excellent and I could not fault it. All questions on or about his welfare are answered to the family's satisfaction and any changes to his living are met. It is very easy to talk to staff and their attention to him is obvious.

Review submitted on 21 December 2018 from a Postal Card by G W (Father of Resident).

My son was admitted to St Mary's Continuing Care approx 2012 (not exactly sure) in that time. I am quite happy that he has been well looked after and hoping this continues. Staff are really helpful and informative when any questions are put to them.

Review submitted on 7 December 2018 from a Postal Card by C S (Wife of Resident). Relates to December 2018.

I find the staff excellent, very helpful and friendly. The unit's nurses are excellent. I could not be any happier that my husband is in the right place for him. His care is excellent and it feels like a nice family atmosphere.

Review submitted on 6 December 2018 from a Postal Card by B H (Mother of Resident). Relates to November 2018.

A very friendly environment and clean facilities. Residents are checked frequently and therefore they feel safe and secure. They can eat in their room if they wish to as sometimes they may feel under pressure eating in the dining room.
Activity trips are excellent and planned ahead. Also, regular outings to have a meal out are popular. Care staff have empathy with residents and work to a high standard.

Review submitted on 4 December 2018 from a Postal Card by John V (Husband of Resident). Relates to November 2018.

St Mary's Continuing Care has provided my wife with the care she deserves. To the staff, she has been treated with the kindness of an individual. For them, this is not 'just a job'. Our research prior to our selection of St Mary's Continuing Care has paid dividends in peace of minds. Thank you very much.

Review submitted on 4 December 2018 from a Postal Card by Barbara G (Wife of Resident). Relates to November 2018.

This care home does a fabulous job of looking after the residents. Common sense and a caring attitude is evident with all the staff. It is very homely and the resident's family are also cared for with concern and empathy. The home is lovely and clean and smells nice. The attitude runs from the manager to all the staff working at the home which is fantastic.

Review submitted on 4 December 2018 from a Postal Card by Julie H (Daughter of Resident). Relates to November 2018.

Washing could be done better meaning whites not washed with colours. Wrong clothes being put in her wardrobe even though all her clothes have her name in them. My mum is not to be left alone in her room eating. Certain members of staff make my mum's partner feel uneasy at times. Mum often has dirty nails. The hairdresser is a lovely lady and its great mum has her hair done and there are certain members of staff which are very caring and you know they do their best.

Review submitted on 4 December 2018 from a Website Submission by Paula D (Daughter of Resident). Relates to August 2018.

I am very happy about leaving my dad in such a wonderful unit. I thought no one could look after dad as good as me but all the staff treat dad as their own and I have full confidence leaving after each visit, knowing he’s being looked after wonderfully.

The following review was submitted to carehome.co.uk on the 14th May 2018 by James B (Son of Resident)

"The care provided by all the team at St Mary's for my Dad was simply amazing, I can only say how pleased we were as a family to have such support for my Dad over the 3 years he lived in the Stephenson Unit in St Mary's. The team in the Unit helped my Dad settle into his new home even though the most difficult of times."

The following comment was emailed to the Care Centre Manager on the 9th May 2018:

Hi Debbie,

I wanted to put in writing how impressed I am with St Marys. My husband's birthday yesterday was lovely and really personal. I brought a birthday cake in, not realising the kitchen staff would provide one. The whole day was a revelation to me!

Today when he was poorly, Karen and the team were superb and what was nice was the carers coming to his room individually to check how he was.

I am so pleased he is living under your care because it makes an awful situation more tolerable.

Kind regards


The following comment was left on carehome.co.uk on Sunday 4th February 2018:

"Trusting a loved one into someone else's care is a difficult transition.
My husband spent 2 years at St Mary's Continuing Care home, in the later stages of Alzheimer's and he had the best possible care during his stay. 
Previously he had been in another care home where things did not always go to plan and the difference between it and St Mary's was significant and reassuring. 
The management and staff make the place feel like a home for the residents and they treated my husband like family. His care was rigorously monitored, he was always fed, hydrated and looked clean and well dressed at all times. 
The respect, care and love that they showed in his final days made all the difference to him and to our family."

The 2 comments below were handed in to Fern unit staff in December 2017:

Friday 8th September 2017

Friday 16th June

The following review was left on carehome.co.uk

"We feel that the level of care, love and attention given to our mother was exceptional. We cannot thank the staff enough for their support for us at a very difficult time. We cannot recommend the home highly enough."

Review submitted from a Postal Card by T L (Daughter of Resident)

Thursday 9th March 2017

The following review was left on carehome.co.uk

"My brother was a resident at St. Mary's in Fern Unit for eight years. His main medical condition was dementia due to alcohol abuse. In Mid November 2016 he virtually stopped eating, leading to a significant deterioration in his physical condition. At the beginning of December, he was placed on end of life care. The care he was given, physically, psychologically and spiritually was excellent. He was not expected to live to see Christmas, so the staff brought it forward. His room was decorated appropriately and last year's cards brought out. In fact, he lived until 11th Jan. His death was peaceful and dignified. About 16 staff attended his funeral and four carried his coffin."

This is a review that was sent to the home following the passing away of a service user:

9th June 2016

It is incredibly difficult for my sister and I to find the exact words, to express how we feel, about the way our Mum was cared for at St Marys, during her stay on Rose Unit.

It is fair to say, that our Mum was not the easiest person to deal with, hence the reason why she was eventually admitted onto Rose Unit. After a rather lengthy, upsetting emotional time, we were advised by Debra Leyland that St Marys was the best place for Mum. When we first visited we had our reservations, but we took Debra at her word, and agreed to give St Marys a try (clearly we wanted what was best for our Mum).

There was a settling in period which took a few months and, for a spell, things became worse not better, however, this was short lived and we were reassured that the experts in the home knew what they were doing….and they did.

Gradually, week by week, we started to see an improvement; we began to enjoy visiting our Mum, rather than having dread at what we would be facing on arrival. The home had put simple but effective measures in place, to deal with the difficult behaviour and a new personality began to emerge.

As we all know, Mum’s health was deteriorating, she had a number of admissions into hospital, and we were aware that she didn’t have long, the gentle and compassionate way she was looked after, could not have been improved.

Our Mum was truly, properly cared for, the staff were genuinely good with her, despite her difficult nature, and that was clear to see. Mum did say on more than one occasion, “they cannot do enough for me here, they attend to my every need, I am happy here, I like it”. To hear those words was a miracle. It gave us peace of mind, and for that we will always be truly grateful.

We want each and every person who was involved in the care of our Mum to know, that for us her daughters, the brief time we eventually had with her, with her new personality, gave us some precious months. This is how we will remember her. Many of you went above and beyond the call of duty, to help our Mum settle and enjoy “the living”. How can we possibly measure this in words; I really do not know how to thank you enough. You have been amazing, awesome, wonderful, etc.

There is so much negative press around Nursing Homes, as they all tend to be tarred with the same brush, but we have witnessed first-hand how exceptional it can be, this is never reported, which is a shame.

I would like to list every name, but it would be unfair as I am sure we would miss someone out.

You have all been extraordinary, a truly massive and heartfelt thank you.

Tracey & Lisa

This is a review that was posted on carehome.co.uk - http://www.carehome.co.uk/stats/reviews_current.cf...

"It has taken some time for me to write this review, our beloved father died recently, as we begin our difficult journey through bereavement I wanted to write our thoughts and feelings as we have spent many years here. Forshaw unit has been a large part of our lives, in the past we have sat looking out through the large glass windows which overlook the fields as we reflect on a lifetime with a kind, loving, funny, strong, hardworking devoted husband and father. It is extremely difficult to accept your loved one is unable to remain at the family home because of their illness, as much as you try to do all the care yourself, we had many, many times whereby we put obstacles in our path as we wanted to care for him ourselves. On arrival at the care centre, unexpected, we initially liked the place, however, still didn't want to let go, it was heartbreaking and the guilt was immeasurable, I cry as I write this, I remember everything, it was February 13th 2009, the first night was awful for us, didn't sleep, worrying, the next morning went to see dad, he was quite content really, should have been happy but early days we were not, missed him, thought we were doing him an injustice. We spent most days, hours on end sat with him, getting to know other people who shared his new home and also the staff. Days turned into weeks, into months, into years, dads disease went through its stages, had some very difficult emotional times there. Nobody wants to let their loved one go, but when disease dictates, it is important to be their advocate, but also sharing what you know of them to support people who are getting to know that person with the disease, tell them what their likes and dislikes are, we did and they were respected. The staff here, well, they have been and continue to be kind, professional, very experienced, understanding, counselors, welcoming, devoted, consistent in their care, loving, empathetic, sincere. Thank you, what more could we ask, we miss him, you know that, how moving to see you all come to say goodbye, he loved you all, we know that, we knew him before Alzheimer's did xxxxxx"

St Mary's Review St Mary's Review

Tuesday 8th September 2020

13th May 2019

Rolando, one of our Domestic Assistants receiving his £50 voucher for 10 years service from the Home Manager Debbie....what an amazing achievement! ​​​​​​​

28/06/2018:  Debbie presenting Jo Hooper with her 10 years of service award. Well done spud!!

Thursday 18th May 2017

Congratulations to Joanne Woods & Jennie Binks for completing their level 4 diplomas!

These pictures are from the awards ceremony. (The top left picture, from the left: Joanne Woods, Yvonne Bishop, Debbie Wareing, Jennie Binks)

Read more about the event here:


Tuesday 7th February 2017

St.Mary's staff were invited to an awards ceremony at the St.Helens 'Totally Wicked' rugby ground. Debbie Stokes and Janet Eccles were both nominated, because of gaining their diplomas. Debbie & Debbie pictured with Jon Wilkin (Saints Scrum half).

January 2017

St.Mary's received a Good CQC inspection report, so the owners bought every staff member a gift voucher.

Award Ceremony

Staff from St Mary’s Care Centre were invited to Langtree Park (Home of St Helens RLFC) to attend an awards ceremony presented by St Helens Chamber of Commerce.

The event was held to present certificates to staff who had recently completed their qualifications. What a fabulous way to recognise their hard work and achievement!

Photo: from left to right: Sarah Frankle Care Assistant, Nicola Smith Care Assistant, Karen Baden Assesor & Lynne Williams Carer Assistant

The following pictures are from our recent summer fair, held on Saturday 2nd September. £584.76 was raised for the home.

Tuesday 7th March 2017

Tracey Picton & her daughter Rebecca Wolfe made these beautiful Easter baskets as part of a raffle to collect funds for more activities.

Tuesday 28th February 2017

Some of our residents made pancakes!

1st February 2017

Below are some pictures from around the Care Centre, taken on Dignity day. Each unit created their own Dignity tree and an array of cakes.

Monday 23rd January 2017

In preparation for Dignity day, 1st February, Vicky (The Activities coordinator) created this encouraging wall display.

Good work Vicky!

30th October 2016

Stephenson unit had a Halloween party. Pumpkin carving, bobbing for apples, and loads of food!

Monday 24th October 2016

Pumpkin shopping!

Thursday 13th October 2016

As part of our training and development we are going to do some experiential learning sessions. The first was on the 13th October. It was just a little fun, and to experience what it is like to have food on your face for an hour without anyone washing it off. This included all staff members on duty on this day, including the Care Centre Manager Deborah Wareing! This was followed with some useful debates with our staff team.

Definitely a learning experience!

Thursday 13th October 2016

"Guess what's in the box!"

As part of a sensory exercise, these boxes had an assortment of objects in them, for instance: beads and cotton wool, hair brushes and jelly. These boxes where then wheeled around the units so that all service users could have a go!

Wednesday 28th September

Our service users enjoyed a day out to the Burtonwood Heritage Center.

Nicky Cunningham & Debbie Wareing managed to finish the Colour run In Manchester, on Saturday 2nd July - a distance of 5 kilometres! 

Debbie Managed to raise £305 for St.Mary's Care Centre's Activity department, and Nicky raised £101 for Bold Rangers FC.

Well done girls!

Pictures from around our units on Dignity day - 1st February

St Mary's Nursing Home

St Mary's Nursing Home
Penny Lane

Telephone: 01925 294850
Email: office@stmaryscarecentre.co.uk

Head Office

Northgate Lane

Telephone: 0161 626 4433
Email: marantomark@stgeorgescarecentre.co.uk


As part of our ever on-going learning and training, the following posters were created from a recent service user/relative questionnaire that had been circulated: