Why Work For Us?

The directors and senior management team constantly try to identify keys to success for our Care Centres above our competitors:

  • Our Care Centres  offer resident-oriented rehabilitation to adults of working age who require intensive and individually tailored packages of care to assist them in engaging back into the community and improve their quality of life;
  • Our Care Centres evolutionary approach to the provision of each individuals care placed within the service and the promotion of rehabilitation, recovery and appropriate maintenance allows for the cost of the placement to be tailored to the individuals needs providing the right care at the right time to each individual at exceptionally good value;
  • Our Care Centres on-site skilled teams ensure continuity of care when the residents need more intensive assistance promoting recovery or maintenance for the individual resident through acute phase of their illness, reducing the need for hospital admission.
  • Complimentary daily lunch and refreshments.
  • Company benefit scheme where you can claim towards the cost on prescriptions, glasses, hospital stays, opticians, etc.
  • Nurses receive paid breaks and handovers.
  • Cash reward when you introduce a Nurse (following 3 months of contracted employment).
  • Additional annual leave incentive for full attendance.
  • All training provided and paid for.

What Makes Us Unique:

The directors and senior management team see a different way of assisting residents through a new stage in their lives. Acknowledging that where they live is their home, belongs to them, not to the staff. The directors and senior management team have establish facilities that not only meets the assessed needs of the service users, but one that also nourishes their social connections, individual dignity, and personal preferences.